Were many Libyans against Ghadaffi’s policy of givng aid to African states, instead of using that money for Libyan projects? Could that have been a reason why there was not universal support for him amongst the “man in the street (or the Wadis).

Were many Libyans against him because of the status, power, money and privileges his family and close supporters enjoyed?

Did the general population have any views on this level – or were they oblivious to the “greater political picture” – because, generally speaking, life in Libya was free, easy and eminently bearable (or could I be wrong in this assumption?). But what was the level of poitical and social awareness amongst the “average Libyans”? Did many of the guys in the tribes out in the sticks have any idea of what was going on…….?

How could it be that Mr. G was not able to grasp the fact that his dream of a united Africa was not universally accepted amongst the various African leaders?

When did he, poor fellow, “lose the plot”? Because he was, without doubt: the Father of the Nation. Wasn’t he?

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